22 Aug 2020 — 26 Sep 2020

Addie Wagenknecht,  Outline of My Body by Robot (May 10, 2020)
Addie Wagenknecht, Outline of My Body by Robot, Yves Klein Blue, Chanel lipstick and NYX pigments, charcoal dust, hand sanitizer, CBD oil and sleeping pills in archival oil medium on canvas, 70 x 90 cm, 2020, Courtesy the artist and DAM Berlin
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Wagenknecht is an Austria based American artist and researcher whose work examines the meeting point of technology and expression, taking into account feminist theory and pop culture. Her conceptual approach materializes at the intersection of hacking, robotics, painting and sculpture. The one topic seeming to envelope her entire body of work is that of visibility. Although Wagenknecht’s work reveals autobiographical information and often deals with the concept of (self-) portraiture, this visibility results from absence: The methods and devices used let Wagenknecht be a part of the respective work, without portraying her identity in the classical manner.


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