AMA-Zonas - Ulrike Rosenbach

8 Nov 2020 — 27 Feb 2021

Ulrike Rosenbach, Ohne Titel, 2014, Mischtechnik auf Papier, 24,8 x 24,8 cm; Fotomotiv: Video-Live-Aktion, Zentausend Jahre habe ich geschlafen..., 1976/77
Ausstellung / Exhibition
8. November 2020 – 27. Februar 2021 / 8 November 2020 – 27 February 2021

The title of the exhibition refers to the artist's installation "AMA-Zonas - Seelenzone" from 1987. To disturbingly beautiful landscape pictures the sound of a falling tree can be heard. This work which is still very relevant today shows Ulrike Rosenbach as a political artist, but also refers to the main subject in her work, the lost unity of the human being with nature. We are showing older installations ("Isabel im Wald", "AMA-Zonas -Seelenzone" and others) videos, photographic works, new drawings and collages as examples of this examination.