From Beyond

2 Oct 2020 — 6 Dec 2020

Lies Maculan, "Tür II", 2020, C-Print auf Aluminium, 270 x 155 cm, Ed. 3, courtesy Galerie Deschler, Berlin
The exhibition "From Beyond" presents large-scale works by Viennese artist Lies Maculan. The astonishingly plastic effect of the works is due to the life-sized rendering of the depicted objects as well as the fact that they appear as cut-outs. Without a rectangular outer frame and taken out of their original context, these objects enter the space of the beholder. The resulting optical illusion in Maculan's wily play with reality, perception and appearances recalls trompe l'oeil as a favored stylistic choice of baroque painting. Her own postmodern photographic trompe l'oeil addresses, in a visual manner, the complexity and intricacy—as well as the deceptive ambiguity—of contemporary modes of perception, cultural construction and historical interpretation.

The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to Maculan's photography series of "Oldest Trees of Germany." Kept mostly in black-and-white, the images capture the organic growth of these extraordinary beings.