8 Oct 2020 — 21 Nov 2020

Blinky Palermo, Ohne Titel (gewidmet Thelonious Monk), 1973
Blinky Palermo, Ohne Titel (gewidmet Thelonious Monk), 1973; © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020 | Photographer Simon Vogel
Blinky Palermo (1943-1977) is a myth, a tragic cult figure who died far too soon - but above all he is an artist who was so far ahead of his time that his work still resonates today, perhaps more so than ever. Palermo's oeuvre can be described as a more subdued and tender European version of Minimal Art and colour field painting, but for the Beuys student there was one thing above all: the search for himself. On the Maldives, where he had travelled after his last love, it came to an end. Blinky Palermo died as he had lived: intense and full of unfulfilled longing.