Bon Voyage! Travelling in Contemporary Art

13 Nov 2020 — 11 Apr 2021

twisted pink racing bike by Alicia Kwade
Alicja Kwade, Reise ohne Ankunft (Raleigh), 2012/2013, Nunzia & Vittorio Gaddi Collection, © Kwade
Travelling – better than any other topic – addresses a core sentiment of our current situation. We are torn between lockdown and longing. Inside closed borders and shuttered societies, when things we took for granted have fallen under prohibition, the desire grows to set out, to break free. We need new mindsets. Finding, testing and treading unbeaten paths – not only on physical journeys – is the true challenge of our times.

‘Bon Voyage!’ presents a selection of contemporary artistic positions in which the journey itself is the primary focus. The exhibition offers a view of the world through the eyes of artists on the move – often far away from beaten tourist tracks. The package includes personal challenges, political and climatic borderline experiences, fictional and virtual inner journeys, and that ultimate trip to the hereafter – the one you don’t need any luggage for.

The selection assembles around 150 works of 60 artists and spans the decades from the 1960s to the present day.