Christopher Lehmpfuhl: Licht / Blicke

1 May 2020 — 20 Jun 2020

Courtesy the artists and Galerie Kornfeld
New works by Christopher Lehmpfuhl's: oil paintings that were created in the first days of the shutdown in the empty streets of Berlin, which announce the awakening of spring as well as the strange calm in the city, and watercolours that capture the intimacy of one's own four walls in small formats.

Christopher Lehmpfuhl carries the tradition of plein-air painting into our present day. He takes his colours and his canvases and goes where his subject is. In his practice, painting becomes a performative act that includes sight as well as touch, hearing and smell. His paintings are the result of an intense dialogue with the world through all the impressions that find their way onto the canvas through the painter's eyes, arms, hands and his colours. And when the world suddenly comes to a standstill, the artist too stays within his own four walls and paints the outside light illuminating the interior with watercolours.