COLONY - Rob Voerman - Photography / Printart / Sculpture

11 Sep 2020 — 30 Oct 2020

Lightbox, untitled, 2020, 70x87cm, Edition of 10
Rob Voerman
For the second time a solo-exhibition of Rob Voermans work is taking place at Galerie Artoxin in Munich.
The exhibition shows new lightbox-works, which are part of his new series "Places of Power" in which he re-creates places or buildings related to power in scale models.
Rob Voerman then transforms these models, often responding to the systems and powerstructures behind it, or proposing alternative models. The models get photographed and turned into lightbox-works. Sometimes the models themselves are also shown.
In this show the artist also shows some new sculptural works and prints.
Voerman explores the idea that we live in a time marked by the dangers of a possible breakdown of society as we know it. He examines collapsing democracies and the new power-structures, that are currently weakening our existing socialand political structures. //