das zwiebelsystem der malerei - bruno kuhlmann - painting / video

12 Nov 2020 — 23 Dec 2020

"4_2020_aLpHAbeTH_M", 2020, 200 x100 cm, Öl und Acryl auf Leinwand
Bruno Kuhlmann
The third exhibition by the Munich painter Bruno Kuhlmann in the Artoxin Gallery presents his current works from the last few months, which revolve around the topicality of painting.
Kuhlmann asked himself the question a while ago: “Is it possible today to give birth to a modern form of painting in the 21st century? And what would that mean? ”With this in mind, he first began to digitally sketch and then paint pictures that programmatically staged a form comparable to an initial. He would like to make an analogy to the vocabulary that a Kandinksky developed with his work “Point and Line for Surface”.
Just as an image is built up in infinite layers, it also generally happens with perception; behind one meaning there are infinitely many more. And the picture is created in the eye of the beholder.
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