Edition Juni: Ian Anüll, Stefan Burger, Julian Charrière, Keren Cytter, Emil Michael Klein und Maya Rochat

9 Jun 2019 — 1 Nov 2019

Keren Cytter - I pretend my opinions are yours until you can't tell the difference, 2019
© Keren Cytter, Courtesy Edition VFO, Zurich
With this edition, we are presenting a new gallery space in our former storage and workshop presenting over ten new published works with five artists we worked with for the first time. With Ian Anüll we created a collage inkjet, that has been already featured in the artists' retrospective at Musée Jurassien des Arts in Moutier. Our first ever published glass object was conceived by Stefan Burger. Moreover, we have published the first serigraph with the seminal video artist Keren Cytter. Additionally there are three new woodcuts produced by Julian Charrière from his series "To Observe Is To Influence". Emil Michael Klein did a minimalistic large scale screenprint, that links to his recent solo-show at the Kunsthalle Zurich. And last but not least, this year's recipient of the Prix Mobiliere, Maya Rochat, has created a room installation with printed wallpapers together with three new painterly photo-editions. More information you will find on www.vfo.ch/news/index/view/id/63