THE FINAL BID | Michael Pinsky

30 Oct 2022 — 26 Feb 2023

Draiflessen Collection
27 Nov
For the first four weeks of the exhibition, another work by Michael Pinsky will also be shown on the Draiflessen Collection grounds: to our great delight, we are able to present the artist’s Pollution Pods. This installation simulates the air and climatic conditions in different parts of the world in five interconnected geodesic domes. Visitors walk through the clear air of Norway, smell the diesel fumes of London cabs, and experience the haze of smog bathing the cities of New Delhi, Beijing, and São Paulo. Air pollution is rendered physically palpable with an intensity rarely experienced before. It is an artwork that leaves no one cold, and which prompts us to reflect on what humans are doing to their environment, and ultimately to themselves, with their way of life. The Pollution Pods installation has caused a sensation internationally and has been presented in Trondheim (Norway), London, Vancouver, Madrid, and New York, among other places.