France-Lise McGurn - Bodytronic

19 Sep 2020 — 22 Nov 2020

France-Lise McGurn, Percussia, 2020
France-Lise McGurn, Percussia, 2020, Courtesy the artist and Simon Lee Gallery, London
The Scottish artist France-Lise McGurn (b. 1983) paints on canvases as well as directly on the walls of exhibition spaces, often combining the two to create an immersive experience. In her work she draws on a collected archive of images from films, club flyers and magazines, as well as her own experiences, ranging from life in a city, partying and dreams to motherhood and female sexuality. She makes drawings on paper loosely based on these sources, using these as inspiration for the linear forms of figures that drift languidly on abstract areas of wash. Individual body parts float unrestrained across the different surfaces, connecting the canvases with the wall painting they are placed directly on to. The swift brushstrokes and repeated marks spill freely across canvases onto surrounding surfaces, animating the space with suggestions of pleasure, continual motion and the layered quality of contemporary experience.