Group Show (Art Cologne)

18 Nov 2020 — 12 Dec 2020

Achenbach Hagemeier is delighted to present its planned exhibition stand for Art Cologne 2020 with new works by Silke Albrecht, Andreas Fischer, Jan Pleitner, and Chris Succo at its gallery space in Düsseldorf.

Four Düsseldorfers in Cologne. That could have been the title for Achenbach Hagemeier’s presentation at this year's Art Cologne. Although art fair booths do not usually have exhibition titles, everything is a little different from “normal” this year. Due to the further postponement of Art Cologne, the latest works by the exhibited artists will be shown as a group show at the Düsseldorf gallery space and not, as originally planned, at the Cologne trade fair grounds. Occupying four different positions in contemporary painting and sculpture, these artists are not only united by their chosen place of work and residence—Düsseldorf—but also by their studies at the local internationally renowned art academy.