Guten Tag, a solo exhibition by Michaela Meise

2 Nov 2019 — 11 Jan 2020

Michaela Meise, Tram (2019). Photo: Sebastian Mayer
We are pleased to present the first solo show by Michaela Meise at KM and are happy to congratulate her for recently winning the 2019 Kunstpreis der Städtischen Galerie Nordhorn (Art Prize of the City of Nordhorn).
Material, corporeal and mental states are the theme of Michaela Meise’s seven new collages. By establishing reference systems, she creates a resonating space for a new attitude. One could call it a radically subjective realism. Seemingly lightheartedly and full of humor, the collages confront us with silhouettes of people. Almost all are cut out of cotton cloth, in which clay has breathed for a long time. In one collage, we read: “Goodnight, Seattle and good mental health.” The good-bye that Frasier, a TV anchor and psychoanalyst in an American TV sitcom, always says at the end of his radio show. The sitcom accompanies people living in Seattle in the 1990s, who exemplarily stand for the carefree, postmodern life at the end of history, which since 9/11 no longer exists.


Mehringplatz 8