28 Feb 2020 — 7 May 2020

Noa Yekutieli, This Used To Be Mine And Now It's Ours, 2019
Noa Yekutieli
Noa Yekutieli
At the project space

Roots, change, and identity are concepts that play an important role in Noa Yekutieli’s work. These are terms that are currently being charged with meaning and misused in very different ways, especially in Germany. Noa Yekutieli was born in the USA in 1989 as the daughter of a Japanese and an Israeli and grew up in Israel. Today she lives and works in California.
While her preoccupation with her own origins, with her roots is certainly very personal, her reflection on how identity is created, on the meaning of change and transformation is always politically relevant. The question of whether identity has not always been created by foreign influences, i.e. whether change is the only reliable thing, leads Noa Yekutieli to radical artistic solutions of disturbing beauty. Her extremely aesthetic works in cement, concrete and paper, her silhouettes shake our visual habits.