23 Oct 2020 — 6 Nov 2020

Himali Singh Soin / Frieze
Hypertopia bridges between today and tomorrow. Powered by the vision of a collective change in consciousness, the interdisciplinary program and exhibition anticipates a post-crisis future to explore approaches for a meaningful present. With a selection of artistic positions, propositions and exploratory projects that incorporate scientific methods as well as speculative modes of thought, Hypertopia challenges hierarchies, probes ideas, and imagines scenarios for a new planetary optimism.

The exhibition presents works by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (UK), Ani Liu (USA), Dominique Koch (CH), Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico (IT), Himali Singh Soin (UK/IND) and Jana Maria Dohmann (D); contributors to the discursive program – a series of field trips that take the show’s artistic positions and core ideas to relevant places in the city – will be announced shortly.

23 October - 6 December 2020. Opening: October 23, 2020. Hypertopia is supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfond.
Free Guided Exhibition Tours in English
7 Nov
2 pm
3 pm
Welcome to a world as we do not know it. Welcome to HYPERTOPIA! The exhibition bridges between today and tomorrow and is a test area for a hopeful future. We are looking forward to taking you on guided tours through HYPERTOPIA .

We kindly ask for your understanding that the exhibition is happening under the observance of current restrictions regarding COVID-19. Entering to the gallery only permitted wearing a mask.