Kapwani Kiwanga

2 Feb 2020 — 14 Jun 2020

Kapwani Kiwanga, Kunsthaus Pasquart 2020, photo: Stefan Rohner
Kapwani Kiwanga, exhibition view Kunsthaus Pasquart 2020, photo: Stefan Rohner
Kapwani Kiwanga’s (b. 1978, CA / FR) artistic process is research-oriented, initiated by marginalised or forgotten histories and political events, which she articulates in her sculptures, installations, photographs and videos. The artist contrasts her research with the expressive materiality of her work, with which she refers to socio-political phenomena, syncretism or the global effects of power structures. The solo show examines Kiwanga’s career via a selection of significant, representative and new works. The exhibition layout can be understood as a narrative that places emphasis on two key aspects: the examination of the impact of disciplinary architecture and spatial elements on the human body and the research into post-colonial stories and narratives that have been handed down, in which truth and fiction are combined.