Made in Japan - O-Hanami

10 Jun 2021 — 8 Jul 2021

Michael Nischke
In the year of the possible opening of the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the photographer Michael Nischke lets us immerse ourselves in a multi-faceted world full of surprises.
He visited Japan in 2017 and 2019. This happened during the cherry blossom season, so he was able to capture the special atmosphere in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hakone with expressive snapshots. He created the partly calm, partly dynamic photographic works in the interplay of the different motifs to show the great contrasts of a society between deeply felt tradition and love of nature on the one hand and a modernity on the other.
In contrast, there are Michael Nischke's street images, which make the city of Tokyo look more decelerated. The alternating economic crises and the aging of society, which is visible in many places, clearly show their traces. In his pictures he shows today's Japan, which is characterized by diverse contradictions.