Mari Sunna | PASSED

16 Jan 2021 — 24 Apr 2021

Mari Sunna  SHARE  2020  oil on canvas  70 x 66 cm
Jussi Tiainen
Mari Sunna (*1972 in Espoo, Finland, lives in Helsinki) deals in her figurative paintings with states of mind that are familiar to us. She makes a range of emotional states such as longing, loneliness and emotional vulnerability, but also joy and elation, the oscillation between emotional highs and lows and everything in between, palpable in a very sensitive and ethereal way. Sometimes they are soft, fragile, floating figures, sometimes just their tender, round faces, contented, charming, at peace with themselves, melancholically dreamy or in deep insecurity, sometimes funny, rebellious or just quite angry, their gaze often directed towards the viewer. Sunna's very own expressive, precise and sensitive style is always recognisable. A style that betrays her instinctive sense for the absolutely essential.