12 Sep 2020 — 31 Oct 2020

We are pleased to present “IWANNABEWHEREYOUARE,” an exhibition of Markus Linnenbrink’s new works. In the 59-year-old artist’s 9th exhibition with the gallery, he continues to use a synthetic palette of supersaturated colors to explore the emotional and psychological affects people experience when we interact with twodimensional surfaces as if they were three dimensional volumes—and vice versa.
Linnenbrink’s handcrafted works traverse that slippery territory, boldly and potently and often with abandon. Each cultivates ambiguity by making physical the differences—and similarities—between two-dimensional surfaces and threedimensional volumes. Included in the Dortmund-born and Brooklyn-based artist’s exhibition are paintings that function sculpturally; a sculpture that resembles a multilayered fragment of dozens of paintings; and a gallery painted to make visitors feel as if they are inside both, which might be a good way to think about the architectural space human bodies occupy.