Material Transformation: Luigi Archetti, Michael Günzburger, Marius Lüscher, Karin Sander, Elza Sile, Christine Streuli, Selina Trepp

18 Feb 2021 — 29 May 2021

Installation view: Elza Sile, Marius Lüscher, Karin Sander, Michael Günzburger, Photo: Sabina Bösch
Sabina Bösch
"Material Transformation" brings together seven different artistic positions with new works. The artists explore an overarching theme that surveys technical and media-specific possibilities, namely, to understand printmaking as an open and discursive artistic medium. In doing so, it is important for this exhibition to include numerous artistic genres such as music, video, sculpture or architecture and to explore their mutual dialogue with printmaking.
Luigi Archetti reimagines musical scores in classical lithography. Michael Günzburger flattens remnants of a drink in 20 different monotypes. Marius Lüscher uses the collage and paper cuts to expose offset prints in various monotype variants. Karin Sander presents a 3D landscape print as a sculpture of google data. Elza Sīle features screenprints on aluminum with embossing and oil painting. Christine Streuli deconstructs her wall paintings in small lithographs and Selina Trepp shows a stop-motion film from 17 monotypes.