Nina Röder: Über das Verschwinden

19 Sep 2020 — 19 Dec 2020

Nina Röder  LIKE IN REYKJAVIK I  2020  fine art print  50 x 50 cm  ed. 5 + 2ap
Nina Röder
We are very pleased to present Über das Verschwinden, Nina Röder's first solo exhibition at galerie burster karlsruhe.

Against the backdrop of Icelandic nature, Nina Röder reveals herself not only as a sensitive observer of her environment, to whom reflected concepts and technical perfection in execution are important, but also as an expert in theatrical means that are incorporated into her art in the form of staged settings and performative strategies. A central point of her artistic-ideological reflection is the alienation of modern individuals from their natural preconditions and their social circumstances as well as its counterpart: the longing for home and security.

It is the programme of the Romantics around 1800 that experiences an effective actualisation in her art in poetic-melancholy images of loss and powerless-ness. In the age of the Anthropocene, the Icelandic landscape reveals itself as a seismograph for climate change and global warming. Text: Dr. Kai Uwe Schierz