11 Jul 2019 — 31 Aug 2019

Mariano Rinaldi Goñi, Import/Export, 2017, 5x 200x100 cm
Courtesy Galerie Deschler, Berlin
In Lunfardo, the street slang of Buenos Aires, Quilombo was first used as a term for brothels before it assumed its present meaning of chaos, disorder, bedlam, brouhaha, racket. Vibrating with expressive energy, joie de vivre, and the creative confusion of races, cultures, and social classes the paintings of Argentinian artist Mariano Rinaldi Goñi conjure up both the rhythms of the old immigrant's city of Buenos Aires and his adoptive home, Berlin. Here the commotion is lively, the chaos creative, the whores ecstatic, the former slaves free and full of unfettered zest for life, and the ruckus is made up of laughter, shouts, screams, howling, moaning, singing, drumming, and music. Combining group portraits, nudes and overarching subject matter, Goñi creates works of strong optical presence and detailed narrative character taking us, the viewers, on a sensual journey.