Ran Zhang - Enantiomers and traces

11 Sep 2020 — 24 Oct 2020

Ran Zhang, exhibition view, Plan B, Berlin, 2020
Photo: Trevor Good
"Enantiomers and traces" is the first solo exhibition of Ran Zhang at Galeria Plan B, which opened on the occasion of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2020.

Combining painting, drawing, printing and photography, Ran Zhang’s work builds up images through layering these techniques, and constantly reworking the layers. Ran Zhang’s recent process is based on photographing arrangements of objects frame by frame with a microscopic camera, and digitally rendering those frames into single images. The textures and details that arise from this process distort the larger whole, and thereby take away our ability to identify what is shown, forcing the objects to lose their meanings and remain only materials to construct an image. For the latest project, ‘Resolution of Traits’ (2019-2020), Ran Zhang uses a selection of scientific visualisations that depict the molecular structures of the human motor protein families, on which she paints fictional objects.