Real Feelings

27 Aug 2020 — 15 Nov 2020

Liam Young, Renderlands, 2017 animation still Courtesy: the artist
Emotions are the core of human experience. The international group exhibition "Real Feelings" explores the rapidly changing relationship between technology and emotion. Works by 20 artists are presented, ranging from interactive installations to artificial intelligence, animations, video installations or photography. They explore how today's technology represents, manipulates and changes our emotions. Several works will be newly produced for the context of "Real Feelings". An extensive program of events and educational activities accompanies the exhibition. More information at
Colloquium Social Robots
21 Oct
In collaboration with TA-SWISS, the Foundation for Technology Assessment, a colloquium will take place on the subject of „Social Robots“. This event is being held in the context of a current study by TA-SWISS that deals with the opportunities and risks of social robots that simulate empathy and generate emotions. It focuses on the new challenges of the relationship between man and machine. The results of the study will be available in early 2021. With Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schulze, Prof. Dr. Maria Schubert and artist Simone C. Niquille.