1 May 2020 — 20 Jun 2020

Jonas Wendelin_rmbr_Dittrich & Schlechtriem
Jonas Wendelin, Kleine Evolution VI, piece VI of VI, 2020, Raku fired ceramic sculptures, 260 x 50 cm, courtesy the artist and DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin
For his first solo show rmbr at the gallery, Jonas Wendelin deconstructs the actual and symbolic context of the gallery, exposing its methodologies through a fictive architectural installation and aligning strands of his thinking into a narrative spanning from conceptual found objects to the visceral physicality of his ceramics practice. The exhibition stages a collective exploration of fiction as both an ancient technology and a cultural constant of contemporary relevance. A narrative of context as content is activated by the sole presence of the viewer and their performance in the moment of return. The exhibition as an exercise in storytelling depicts fiction as technology materializing through and within our collective experience. This subject matter refers to the intellectual, cultural, and natural evolution of progress with a focus on resource. The newly staged setup offers a sentimental yet dystopic feel, giving space for traces to assemble, seemingly self-organized.