Römer + Römer: Radical Ritual (Frankfurt a. M.)

4 Sep 2020 — 7 Nov 2020

Installation View Radical Ritual and Portrait Römer + Römer by Eric Tschernow @ Lachenmann Art Frankfurt
Eric Tschernow
The exhibition ›Radical Ritual‹ presents the special cosmos of images of the Berlin artist couple Römer+Römer in a colourful variety. In their mostly large-format paintings, manga fans are deepened at the Cosplay in Beijing, fantastically decorated samba dancers in Rio de Janeiro, spectacular light installations and fantasy creatures of Fusion and Burning Man Festival are presented. Their works show snapshots that capture cultural peculiarities, unique celebrations and rituals of the places they travel to together. Under the title ›Radical Ritual‹, these events merge into a place where people can immerse themselves in another world and live it out radically and freely. This was also the title of the Burning Man Festival, which they visited in 2017 and whose motifs form the major part of the exhibition. Many of the festival visitors travel to the festival in self-built vehicles to join the caravan or to give free space to their creativity.