Ruth Root & Katja Strunz

25 Sep 2020 — 6 Nov 2020

Ulrich Ghezzi and Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska
What links artists RUTH ROOT (*1967 Chicago, USA) and KATJA STRUNZ (*1970 Ottweiler, D) is the intention to distance themselves from classical painting in the traditional sense by creating objects that demand a complete change in the way we habitually look at things. The space and the materiality of the works created specially for our exhibition, and their proximity to constructivist art, speak not only for themselves, but also directly to the viewer. This is abstraction in its finest form.
RUTH ROOT's two-part works (all untitled), consisting of a piece of fabric combined with painting on Sintra board, visualise in a unique fashion the basic concepts of abstract painting: colour, form and structure.
In KATJA STRUNZ's work, however, space is always linked with temporal extension, in both the philosophical and historical sense. Strunz evolves complex artistic reflections with reference to French philosopher Paul Virilio's space and time theory.