Spezifikation #40: Reinhard Voigt, "DATA siegt!"

4 Sep 2020 — 17 Oct 2020

Reinhard Voigt, "Double and Not", 2019, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 70
Wolfgang Günzel
With Reinhard Voigt’s third solo-show at FELD+HAUS we celebrate the 80th birthday of a pioneer who started to create images out of pixels already in 1968. Back in these days, “pixel” wasn’t even a term and the use of grids for illustrative representations was likewise innovative. Voigt was, and still is, fascinatingly ahead of his time. In juxtapo- sition with his early works, this exhibition will display which enormous development is possible within such a supposedly narrow concept, how links are created diversely and how everything is intertwined. Thereby his color spectrum is so free and alive like never before. Confetti for his birthday, which we want to celebrate a whole year.

Gartenstrasse 47
Frankfurt am Main