Time Present - Photography from the Deutsche Bank Collection

10 Jun 2020 — 8 Feb 2021

Tokihiro Sato, Yura #333, 1998
Tokihiro Sato
The exhibition Time Present with works from the Deutsche Bank Collection at the PalaisPopulaire, is devoted to international photography from the 1970s to the present. The show examines how artists deal with time and the basic questions of photography: What different levels of reality and time does a photograph capture? Does it actually depict a certain moment? Is what is seen in a photograph present or past, reality or imagination? Time Present documents how photography has expanded as a critical medium since the 1960s in conjunction with performance, film, conceptual art, media theory, and politics. At the same time, there are repeated references to painting and art history. The link between time and contemporary events provides the framework for examining the history of the Deutsche Bank Collection from various perspectives.
Deutsche Bank Collection LIVE – Meet Andrea Galvani
21 Oct
“The only way to extend a limit is to cross it,” says Andrea Galvani. The utopia of a world without borders inspires the work of the Italian artist, who divides his time between the USA and Mexico. Time Present includes his work Llevando una pepita de oro a la velocidad del sonido #6, in which a plane breaks the sound barrier and thus also a border. Britta Färber talks with Galvani about his artistic practice.
This event will take place online. If you are interested, you can register for the Zoom Webinar. If you do not wish to participate in the discussion directly, you can follow the event live on PalaisPopulaire's website or on Facebook, or watch it at a later date.