Time Present - Photography from the Deutsche Bank Collection

10 Jun 2020 — 8 Feb 2021

Tokihiro Sato, Yura #333, 1998
Tokihiro Sato
The exhibition Time Present with works from the Deutsche Bank Collection at the PalaisPopulaire, is devoted to international photography from the 1970s to the present. The show examines how artists deal with time and the basic questions of photography: What different levels of reality and time does a photograph capture? Does it actually depict a certain moment? Is what is seen in a photograph present or past, reality or imagination? Time Present documents how photography has expanded as a critical medium since the 1960s in conjunction with performance, film, conceptual art, media theory, and politics. At the same time, there are repeated references to painting and art history. The link between time and contemporary events provides the framework for examining the history of the Deutsche Bank Collection from various perspectives
Deutsche Bank Collection Live - Meet Anett Stuth
28 Oct
In her photographs, the Leipzig-born artist Anett Stuth creates imaginary, architectural spaces in which present and past, interior and exterior, photography and painting overlap. At the same time, her works show the artistic possibilities enabled by the virtual age. Britta Färber talks with Anett Stuth about her artistic practice, her perception of time, and her important thematic group Today Is the Past.