Tobias Kaspar - Rented Life

25 Jun 2020 — 28 Aug 2020

Courtesy Edition VFO, Zurich
Edition VFO is pleased to present the solo exhibition «Rented Life» by Tobias Kaspar.

The new series of frottages is part of Tobias Kaspar's «Rented Life» series, in which the artist outsources his monthly expenses during one year. The works created for Edition VFO correspond to a subscription to cover one of Kaspar's basic needs: footwear. Using the classic technique of frottage, Kaspar has produced six pairs of shoes which he bought in 2020: Simply Basic slippers, Converse Chucks, Hogan Rebel sneakers, On boots, Alexander Mc Queen sneakers and Bottega Veneta high heel sandals. Each shoe was created in three unique variants. The price of the frottage equals the market price of the shoe plus CHF 400 for the production and handling of the work. Thus, collectors can directly contribute to the artist's footwear consumption by acquiring a frottage.
Kaspar takes up this rarely used technique, showing how close the media of drawing and print are to each other.