"TRACES" - Koak | Mattea Perrotta | József Csató | Peter Linde Busk

12 Mar 2021 — 24 Apr 2021

The exhibition "Traces" looks at how the influence of the formal language of Classical Modernism is still reflected in contemporary art through the works of the artists Koak (*1981 San Francisco), Mattea Perrotta (*1990 Los Angeles), József Czató (*1980 Budapest) and Peter Linde Busk (*1973 Copenhagen). The exhibition does not only want to demonstrate the fascination that artists like Matisse, Picabia and Picasso have on contemporary artists; it also wants to show how they deal with the enormous heritage, how they make something new out of it and find their own visual language and response today. A large number of the works shown here were created especially for the exhibition and at the same time point to exciting new developments in the oeuvre of the artists. The result is not only a show of works by artists, three of whom are even celebrating a Berlin premiere, but also our first gallery publication.

The exhibition is supported by the Stiftung Kunstfonds.