3 Jul 2020 — 25 Sep 2020

Roman Lang: SHarP-4, 2019, Flyer and Mixed Media on Cardboard, 40 x 30 cm.
Roman Lang / Galerie Gisela Clement
In his first solo exhibition at Galerie Gisela Clement, Roman Lang shows new works created especially for the exhibition WAND IM GETRIEBE: He designs his distinctive, large-sized Shaped-Boards from polygonal multiplex boards with acrylic and spray paint and complements their presentation with collages made out of flyer fragments.
In his paintings, Roman Lang juxtaposes de-constructed and re-constructed constituent pictorial elements making his working process visible: Preliminary drawings are left apparent as are linear breaks and inconsistencies in the new composition leaving the viewer to guess at the possibilities and encouraging him to complete content and carrier of the picture. He is urged to deal with the specifically placed disturbing elements. Roman Lang's works are not hermetic. They rather serve to performatively comprehend his criticism of rigid systems.