"When color becomes form" with new works by Vanessa Billy, Raphael Hefti, Andrea Heller, Federico Herrero, Renée Levi and Niklaus Rüegg

17 Sep 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

Installation view with works by Renée Levi and Raphael Hefti
Courtesy Edition VFO, Zurich, Foto: Bernhard Strauss
In today's artistic discourse, color as a form-shaping element has often been neglected. Colors can easily be specified based on existing classifications within the RGB or CMYK systems or based on a RAL or Pantone fan deck. But color is a lot more complex - it is a constitutive feature of our perception. Colors are not always easy to define, determine or reproduce, they exist as different pigments or substances and have very different expressiveness depending on the incidence of light and perspective - you can approximate them but they are difficult to describe or classify by numbers. Today, one is also constantly confronted with the question of how digital reproductions of works affect color, form and surface.

The works in the current exhibition are united by the fact that they are based on color as a form-giving component. The colors were mixed, sometimes overlaid, specially produced or created on the basis of industrial processes.