The World We Live In

16 Apr 2020 — 30 May 2020

Matthew Northridge
"The World We Live In" is an unlimited series, started in 2006, which, despite the constant technique of collage, is always subject to slight changes. The title is based on a scientific series of the American LIFE magazine from the 1950s. The solo exhibition of the same name focuses on the combination of artistic construction and photographic 'documentation'. The geometric paper compositions in the foreground, some of which are reminiscent of the 1950s, lie over the landscapes in the background and in turn create a world of their own. While the forms in the last exhibition (2015) were rather abstract and inserted into the background, they are now characterized by a greater flatness and radiant coloration. Their aesthetics are much more reminiscent of our living space than the landscapes in the background, and the artist has compared them to "billboards" (Matthew Northridge, NY Arts Magazine).