Yang Kailiang - 画 Malerei

18 Jun 2020 — 10 Oct 2020

Yang Kailiang - 画 Malerei, installation view
Henning Rogge, Tom Reichstein contemporary
The exhibition YANG KAILIANG - 画 PAINTING in the newly opened room
TOM REICHSTEIN CONTEMPORARY shows 13 works by the Chinese artist Yang Kailiang.
Large-format diptychs on coarse canvas, as well as individual large works (2.80 x 2.00 m) along with several small canvases show tree landscapes on the Alster lake in Hamburg, Germany.
As seen through a rainy window, there are dim landscapes in subdued colors, weeping willows shaped by wind and weather, which let their branches roam over the foggy water. The noiseless atmosphere has nothing sad about it, nothing mystifying or darkly mysterious. On the contrary, the sensitivity of nature is perceived as dreamy and satisfied by the soft style and warm colors.
The works radiate security and tranquility and offer a wide scope for interpretation. The limits of the empty, silent snapshot can be thought of infinitely.

Yang Kailiang was born in 1974 in Jinan / Shandong, China.
He lives and works in China and Hamburg.