Blast Over curated by Christian Rex Van Minnen

17 Oct 2020 — 15 Nov 2020

Christian Rex van Minnen is the curator of the upcoming show Blast Over at Gallery Ruttkowski;68 in Paris. Borrowed from the world of tattoo art, the term blast over describes a new tattoo that is placed on top of an older one without covering it up completely. By overpainting the old image with a new one, without trying to conceal the traces of the past, an ambiguous effect is created that is at once harmonious and dissonant. A blast over is not comparable to a cover–up, nor is it a careful overlay; it is a strong gesture that symbolizes a certain creative attitude. It is a deliberate, impulsive act that shows a harsh irreverence for what exists beneath while keeping it visible at the same time. For this show at Ruttkowski;68, Rex van Minnen has collected works from twelve artists that explore this idea of overlapping narratives and parallels in time such as layers of feeling, language, or cultural phenomena.