Kirsten Ortwed. Head Turned

16 Oct 2020 — 28 Nov 2020

Kirsten Ortwed, Possible Result of a Crafty Noise A11, 2016, black Mexican onyx, 130 x 110 x 51 cm, courtesy of the artist and Jahn und Jahn, Munich, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2020
Nature is natural, led by the growing of itself, unpredictable and beyond compare.
A raw onyx block from Mexico – a raw onyx block from Turkey.
I listen to past gusts of wind while facing the future.
I challenge myself and that which drives me towards the unknown and unforeseeable,
the raw stone, which only just about reveals the mystic potential, hidden at the core,
articulating the stone along the way towards magic, while uncovering the color tracks of time.
As if I could explain the impossible!
Every “result” is not only an answer to a practical task, set for oneself.
Rather, it is an intuitive concentrated condition in the universe of the instant
which makes it a “piece”.

Kirsten Ortwed, 2020