Lucas Blalock: Florida, 1989

27 Feb 2021 — 10 Apr 2021

Lucas Blalock, Reverse Titanic / Hell is in the Air, 2019 © Lucas Blalock, Courtesy the artist and Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich / New York
Eva Presenhuber is pleased to present 'Florida, 1989,' an exhibition of new works by the American artist Lucas Blalock. 'Florida, 1989' is Blalock’s second solo exhibition with Eva Presenhuber and features photography and sculpture.

Lucas Blalock was ten in 1989, when his thumb was crushed beyond repair in a freak accident on Disney World’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride and surgically replaced with his big toe. The procedure was somewhat experimental—only a handful of similar operations had been attempted at the time—but it pretty much went off without a hitch, in a utilitarian sense. He exited the surgery one toe short of an even ten, but Blalock was able to maintain nearly normal use of his hand, thanks to his novel cut-and-paste digit.

This exhibition marks the first time that Blalock has attempted to grapple with this event directly, or at least as directly as one might expect from an artist whose work is as elusive and allusive as his.