Malgorzata Mirga-Tas "Stories We Become"

1 Oct 2020 — 6 Nov 2020

Pawel Pogoda
Małgorzata Mirgi-Tas' exhibition includes her latest works, collage paintings on canvas, objects inspired by the form of folk shrines, but also characteristic screens, which have become her trademark at international exhibitions in Berlin and Timisoara. Her commitment to Roma culture and against social exclusion is inseparable from her artistic work. Mirga-Tas' works are characterized by combining painting with collages of found fabrics, often leaving two-dimensional canvases and becoming spatial objects like screens and shrines. Through her art, the artist tells about her experiences and the people close to her and present in her memory. Her sharpened sense of observation is combined with a subtle painting gesture, which is able to recreate a personal look at others, full of kindness, melancholy and fragility. Her works tell stories of bonds that connect people with different intensities and contribute to their lives.

The exhibition is curated by Konstanty Szydłowski.