POETIC MACHINES Felix Fisgus - Noriyuki Suzuki - Bojana Petkovic

17 Apr 2021 — 22 May 2021

Bojana Petkovic, "Sound of Memory", Sound Object, 2017
Bojana Petkovic
The 3 graduates from the University of the Arts in Bremen are finishing their digital media degree this year with the title Master of Arts.
In the gallery exhibition “poetic machines”, the young trio Bojana Petiovic, Felix Fisgus and Noriyuki Suzuki approaches poetry with their very own means with the aid of electronic, digital techniques and machines, sound objects and, in some cases, interactive room installations.
“poetic machines” is entitled for the exhibition to push the boundaries of technology
and weave the new messages using noble “Machines” by the three artists. They try to recompose the complex reality which is unseen, unheard and unrecognized by daring to misuse existing technology, or by applying it in an unique context.

https://felixfisgus.de // https://noriyukisuzuki.com // www.bojanapetkovic.com

The show at artoxin is kindly supported by NeuStartKultur from the german government.