1 Jun 2024 — 1 Sep 2024

Ink Agop

Wiesenst. 1
PERFORMANCE: LEGERDEMAIN – Cru Encarnação with Liwia Stern and Bungalovv
16 Jun
In the back of the pool’s green area, performance artist Cru Encarnação invites the audience to an enchanting performance. LEGERDEMAIN takes a critical look at the production and manipulation of truth, using the means of illusionism and stage magic of the turn of the century, also known as the fin-de-siècle (1890-1914).
Legerdemain is a technique within stage magic, in which illusions are created by skillful hand movements: a good magician deceives their audience through sleight-of-hand. The performance encourages us to think about the value of a magic trick and asks: What is our fascination? Is it the illusion itself or the witty technique behind it?
Cru Encarnação explores how deception operates not only individually, but also in the collective construction of myths and truths. As collective narratives shape our (supposed) reality, LEGERDEMAIN encourages us to take a closer look at truth and illusion. In Cru Encarnação's performance, certain norms, such as gender roles, consumerism and colonialist fabrications are exposed as tricks of Truth production.

LEGERDEMAIN is realized in cooperation with the artists Bungalovv (live set) and Liwia Stern (stage design).