VELVET - Martin Pfeifle

31 Jan 2020 — 1 Apr 2020

Martin Pfeifle, VELVET, 2020
Galerie Gisela Clement
Galerie Gisela Clement is looking forward to the opening of the solo exhibition “VELVET”, as well as the presentation of the catalogue “REXXX” by Martin Pfeifle.

The connection is a fundamental element in the work of Martin Pfeifle. This word may be understood both in the metaphorical sense and in the literal sense. On the basis of four principles – the in situ working method, the examination of architecture, the treatment of materials and the transfer of large space-related installations into portable editions – connections are created on different levels. (Frey, Madeleine: The Principle of Simplicity, in: Martin Pfeifle, REXXX, ed. by Dr. Isabel Hufschmidt, Cologne: Wienand Verlag, 2019, p. 58)

Within the exhibition “VELVET”, Martin Pfeifle develops, among other things, an installation for 21 panels by Karl H. A. Pfeifle (born 1935), which show his utopian architecture “MEGAZELL” from 1968, a visionary preoccupation with the topic of artificial intelligence.