Londoner Laura Bartlett Gallery schließt

Die Londoner Laura Bartlett Gallery schließt nach zwölf Jahren

Galeristin Laura Bartlett wird fortan als Kunstberaterin für internationale Sammlungen arbeiten, Aufträge der öffentlichen Hand und privater Art betreuen und ein "flexibleres Ausstellungsmodell" anstreben, wie es in einer Rundmail und auf Instagram heißt.

Die Galerie vertrat die Künstler Becky Beasley, Nina Beier, Sol Calero, John Divola, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Cyprien Gaillard, Beatrice Gibson, Lydia Gifford, Marie Lund, Elizabeth McAlpine, Ryan McLaughlin, Alex Olson, Margo Wolowiec und das Duo Nina Beier & Marie Lund. In den ehemaligen Galerieräumen in der Herald Street wird die britische Modedesignerin Molly Goddard unterkommen und ein weiterer Buchladen der verstorbenen Buchhändlerin Claire de Rouen.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, This is to announce that after 12 years, Laura Bartlett Gallery is now closed. I have had the pleasure to work with an incredible group of artists over the years and I am happy to announce that I will continue these collabrations as an advisor to international collections, working on private and public commissions and towards a more fluid exhibition programming model. The gallery opened in 2005 with a performance by Japanese artist Sachiko Abe, and went on to stage the first solo gallery exhibitions of Cyprien Gaillard, Elizabeth McAlpine, Becky Beasley, Lydia Gifford, Nina Beier, Marie Lund, Beatrice Gibson and Sol Calero, as well as the first London shows of Simon Dybbroe Moller, John Divola and Alex Olson, as well as Margo Wolowiec and Ryan McLaughlin. I am grateful to the many other artists and curators who have contributed to our group shows and projects over the years as well as the countless colleagues in museums and galleries who we have collaborated with. I would like to thank all the staff and co-directors over the years who I have had such pleasure working alongside. Please follow our instagram feed or website for current and upcoming artists news or contact our office for any enquiries at: With many thanks for your visits, interest and support, Kind regards, Laura Bartlett #BeckyBeasley #NinaBeier #SolCalero #JohnDivola #simondybbroemller #CyprienGaillard #BeatriceGibson #LydiaGifford #MarieLund #ElizabethMcAlpine #RyanMcLaughlin #AlexOlson #laurabartlettgallery

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